Reconstruction of the roof

Dear yogis,

we would like to inform you on the upcoming summer reconstruction of 3rd part of the roof and the floor in Borotin. This reconstruction has been prepared over previous half year, and now on 16th August it is about to start. We would like to finish it before start of the autumn Kindergarten term.

Upcoming reconstruction will enable us to continue next year with construction of new classrooms and dormitories, that would allow us to increase the Kindergarden capacity to accomodate more children (current capacity is insufficient already).

Every year many yogis, mainly from Czech Republic naturally, try to participate on Borotin reconstruction by giving their hand to the works for improvement of space for children and personnel. That brings about rather interesting financial savings. We are confident that such direct help of sahaja yogis constitutes auspicious vibrational benefit.

We would like to use this opportunity to invite you to take part in supportive works during the upcoming reconstruction. You can contact us at

1st phase

2nd phase

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