Come to Borotin children camp

There is a simple way to help the children's camp to run: become a volunteer and spend a term (or more) with us here in Borotin.

Teaching Love with love

The children attending the Sahaj camp have an amazing potential – Borotin is the place that is enhancing and allowing to express that potential, thanks to your guidance (among other things).

What qualities do you need to have?

An efficient way of blending in and enjoying the work is for you to be tolerant, to accept the differences that exist in everyone. Each session has a team with members coming from all over the world, it takes time to know each other but with good communication skills it gets faster!

The main aspect of the work is to love, therefore if you are ready to treat the children as your own, you are more than welcome to join us.

What do you “gain”?

Volunteering in Borotin is an amazing opportunity to face yourself. You improve your abilities to adapt to new situations. You learn to be a role model that the children look up to.

You experience what it is to give unconditionally (love and patience). You also make new friendships and learn to communicate effectively, working in a team.

If you are interested or wish more information, please contact us.