Borotin International Sahaj Camp

Enlightened education

"As well as nurturing intellectual and emotional growth, education should also encompass the spiritual well-being of children."

Shri Nirmala Srivastava


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What we stand for

Shri Mataji had a vision where there would be a nation beyond nationalities, where all languages and identities merge into one, and where love and respect flow amongst all human beings. In accordance with her vision several specialised schools and camps have been set up around the world. Borotin is one of them.

Teaching the Eternal Values

The Borotin Sahaj Children’s Camp creates the opportunity for this vision to be introduced to the children. They grow up knowing that there exists a worldwide human family.

The eternal life values such as respect, wisdom, dignity, morality, honesty are at the heart of each activity, at any moment of the day. The staff members ensure that the children understand and apply these values in any situation.

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Background and History

The Borotin International Sahaja Children’s camp started with 11 Czech children in 2002. Gradually, children from all around the world joined in to allow a rich cultural exchange. There have been children and volunteers from over 30 countries.

During the first year, there were two terms of one month each; not long after the two terms were extended to three months each. In 2015 the Children’s camp takes place over 3 terms, each lasting 10 weeks.

Boarding facilities

The main building has also evolved and been enlarged over the years. Today we have the capacity to accommodate and care for 35 children per session.

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These charts about the income and expenses of the Children’s camp correspond to an average over the year, the accurate percentage may vary slightly according to the terms.